Best VPN for WWE 2K23

WWE 2KWWE 2K23 is a professional wrestling game. This is a long running series and this is set to be the 10th installment of the franchise. Visual Concepts has worked hard to rebrand the series with new game modes, better graphics, and overall improved gameplay. WWE 2K23 is set to release on all platforms on March 17th. Anyone who bought the Iconic Edition or Deluxe edition can start playing on March 14th. WWE 2K23 is releasing for PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. WWE games are a lot of fun, but many gamers have experienced problems when playing online like lag, connectivity issues, rubberbanding, and more. A VPN can help gamers reduce lag, improve ping, unblock geo-restrictions, and protect against DDoS Attacks. Please join us as we tell you the best VPN for WWE 2K23.

WWE 2K23 VPN Quickstart

Here is a quick guide to get you started playing WWE 2k23 with a VPN.

  1. Sign up for ExpressVPN (includes a 30-day money back guarantee)
  2. Download the ExpressVPN app and connect to a server in the region you wish to play in.
  3. Console users can set up the ExpressVPN MediaStreamer feature to change your DNS location. Otherwise you can run the VPN through your router.
  4. Launch the game and enjoy!

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WWE 2K23 Game Info

Before I get into the best VPNs for WWE 2K23 let me tell you about the game. This sports game features many different modes that fans will be excited to play. Firstly, there is a quick play mode. In this, you can quickly set up many classic WWE match types like Singles Matches, Steel Cage, Table Matches, Royal Rumbles, and tournaments. Universe Mode is another returning gamemode. It is a franchise type mode. MyRise is bringing new storylines. In this single player mode, you will play as a WWE male or female superstar and build your own legacy. There are many different branching storylines to interact with which gives it some replayability. 2K Showcase is another mode returning. This year it follows the biggest moments of John Cena’s historical Career.

There are also one completely new modes that have been added. It is called Wargames. It has features 3v3 and 4v4 multiplayer matches inside two rings all surrounded by a steel cage. MyFaction is returning. In it you will collect, manage, and upgrade a large amount of WWE Superstars as you compete in weekly events. WWE 2K23 is also set to bringing back MyGM. In it, you play as a custom or pre-existing GM and take control of RAW, SmackDown, NXT, or NXT UK. In this game mode, you take on the role of a GM and have to book shows, plan matches, draft wrestlers, and watch costs while trying to make the brand bigger. MyGM allows players to go from planning wrestling matches for 20 people in a school gym to broadcasting around the world for millions. There are more GMs and seasons this year. Fans wanting to engage with the community can do so through the Creation Suite. It allows people to share custom images, wrestlers, and more. Creation suite has been made cross-platform. I hope you and your friends enjoy playing WWE 2K23.

Game Server Locations

The location of WWE 2K23’s servers have not been released. However, we do know that previous versions of the game had many servers in the United States and Europe. Along with this, we can also look at where other 2K games are hosted. We recommend connecting to VPN servers in Washington DC, Seattle, or Los Angeles for playing in the US. Those wanting to play internationally will want to check out servers in London, Paris, Frankfurt, Stockholm, Singapore, or Tokyo.

Here are the best VPNs to use with WWE 2K23.

1. ExpressVPN

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ExpressVPN is our choice for best VPN. It allows you to unblock content from all over the world. You will be able to play with friends from completely different regions. You can also get around geo-restrictions to play any games. Split tunneling will allow you to select which apps pass through the VPN connection. ExpressVPN has 160 server locations across 94 countries. It will allow you to play in regions that you would not normally be able to. If you want a harder gaming experience, the Asian servers host some of the most hardcore gamers. ExpressVPN will mask you location, while allowing you to unblock content around the world.

ExpressVPN app

ExpressVPN is an excellent service to use when gaming. They help you gain discounts and early access to new titles. ExpressVPN provides extra protection against DDoS attacks and reduces lag. All our readers will be happy to learn that we have an exclusive discount for you to use. ExpressVPN will give you 49% off a year of VPN and receive another 3 months of VPN for free. This is coupled with their 30 day money back guarantee so you can test out the service for a month and see how it can improve your online experience.

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2. NordVPN


NordVPN is our second pick for VPNs to use while gaming online. NordVPN has servers in 59 countries around the world, which means you will be able to take advantage of playing in different regions. Australians normally gain access to games the earliest. By connecting to different regions you will not only get games early, but sometimes you will extend the amount of early access you get. NordVPN can also help you get a discount on new titles. Many countries like Brazil have lower prices on games. Those living in countries where games are blocked or regionally altered, can unlock the full version by connecting to a server location where it is not. NordVPN can help you get around geo-restrictions and take advantage of regional differences in the gaming market.


NordVPN can help decrease your ping and lag. It will help you get around geo-restrictions to unblock games. You can also find discounts on titles by connecting to different regions. While doing this, you will be safe as NordVPN does not log user activities when connected to their network. They mask your IP. When playing, we recommend not using double protection as this might decrease speed. NordVPN is a great service that you can try out with a 30 day money back guarantee.

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3. Private Internet Access


Private Internet Access (PIA) is our last pick for VPNs to use while gaming. They are a great company with a history of protecting users data. PIA is a secure VPN that is available to you for an affordable price. They do not have a Smart DNS service. This makes using PIA harder on consoles. It means you will have to run the VPN through a router. You will need technical background to do this. However, Private Internet Access has easy to use apps for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS. They also have servers in 48 countries around the world. Private Internet Access is a reliable VPN that can help improve your gaming experience.

PIA app

Private Internet Access is an affordable VPN that keeps you protected. You can improve your gaming experience by avoiding ISP throttling. PIA can also help you take advantage of regional price differences through connecting to one of their over 3000 servers across 48 countries. PIA has a 30 day money back guarantee. This will give you a chance to see all of the benefits a VPN can bring to your gaming experience. One of PIA’s biggest goals is that you are safe online. Their VPN service will protect you from DDoS attacks.


Why are Games Blocked at School or Work?

Most gamers have experienced the frustration of network restrictions. Whether it’s a firewall at school or work, you will find that popular game servers and social media sites are often blocked. A VPN will hide your traffic so that the network can not detect that you are playing a game or visiting your favorite sites like YouTube, Facebook, Reddit, etc. The VPN will encrypt your data which will stop it from being blocked by your network administrator.

Why is the Game Restricted by Region?

You will find that many games (and streaming sites like Netflix) have set restrictions based on the region of the world you are in. For example, Rainbow Six has servers in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia. Players are restricted to playing in their own region. What if you want to play with friends in another country? The solution is to use a VPN. Simply connect to a VPN server in the region you wish to play in. Preferably as close to the game server as possible for the best performance. You can also use a VPN to buy and play games that are not otherwise available in your region.

Not All VPNs Support Fast Online Gaming

It doesn’t help to have a VPN that won’t place you in the proper geographic region or isn’t fast enough for gaming. There are literally hundreds of VPN services that won’t cut it for online gaming. There are very few that support the speeds necessary to fix lag issues and provide the proper IP location. The key is using a leading VPN and making a connection close to the game server you wish to play on. The difference in routing can boost your speed. We recommend using ExpressVPN for the best performance.

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